Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Ones-----25 Feb 2015

Headlines “Carbon Co. News” 9 Oct 1909
The Hiawatha mercantile company is the name that was selected for the consolidated fuel store at miller creek coal mine and a petition has been forwarded to Washington asking that a post office be established there to be called Hiawatha.

“Carbon Co. News” 24 Sep 1909
WILL BUILD NEW TOWN-- A new town to be known as Hiawatha will spring up near the consolidated mine the output will range from 2000 to 3000 tons a day and there will be 300 souls in this town by the first of the year it is believed which will be swelled to at least 500 by 1911. Fourteen men are employed in the mine at this time and several times  this number on the railroad.  Robert Howard, the superintendent expects to begin shipping coal by November 15.

“Carbon Co. News” 19 Aug 1910
HIAWATHA NEWS superintendent Robert Howard has moved into the new house recently built for him. This makes him a very comfortable place for his family.A new hotel manager by the name of J A Mccoy of Salt Lake City took charge of the hotel at Hiawatha last Monday. Dr Gordon was in town this week. Dr Dowd of Sunnyside was in town Sunday. A temporary office is to be built for Dr Ferguson who is the company physician now. Deputy Sheriff Levitt was in town a few days ago served notice of attachment on former hotel keeper Taylor. We understand the storage rate on the D R G ends this week the Consolidated Fuel Co. was about 225 cars short.  For the want of cars thy the mines are not being worked more than half as much as they would be

“The News Advocate” 16 Jul 1915
Henry Santschi  of Hiawatha and Miss Cleo Craig of Salt Lake City were married by Justice R.C. Miller last Thursday following the securing of the regulation license from cupid says the emery county progress.

“The News Advocate” 21 Jul 1932
PRICE LEGION TEAM defeats Hiawatha playing heads up ball behind the fine pitching  of  Bul Callaway. The Price American legion Junior Team defeated a picked of Juniors and members of the Hiawatha town team at Hiawatha Tuesday the score was 8 2. HIAWATHA—The Hiawatha Team was:  Thompson, F.Morgan,  D.Pentelute, J.Pentelute, Reese, Burdick B.Thompson, C. Morgan & Thomas.

“Smelting Co. Magazine” July 1946

Hiawatha has always been one of the most modern and best maintained towns in its mining district. Well laid out, the comfortable frame homes, modern school, church and recreational facilities make it attractive to new-comers and old-times alike During the war period the Federal Public Housing Authority constricted 120 housing units in Hiawatha. Although only designated for emergency housing, This project is still providing well furnished and comfortable homes for many new employees.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oldies #23 July 2007
SmeltingCo--Oct 1951---Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Peretti are the proud parents of a baby boy. They have two girls Patsy and Sharon.

Sun Advocate--Jun 2007--Happy 65th Wedding Anniverdary--Ramon & Thelma Madrid --Married 20 June 1942, Hiawatha, Utah.

Carbon County News---Oct 1909--The Hiawatha Mercantile Company is the name that was selected for the Consolidated Fuel Company's store at Miller Creek Coal Mine. A petition has been forwarded to Washington asking that a post office be established there to be called Hiawatha.

Sun Advocate--June 2007-- Vonda Mae Heaton will celebrate her 90th birthday 0n May 31. An open house for family and friends will be presented that day from 2:00 to 2:30 at the Emery County Care & Rehab in Ferron.

14 Aug 2001---Thomas Elmo Williams came to Carbon County from West Virginia to visit his Sister and never returned. Instead he embarked on a career in the coal industry, working in Hiawatha for nearly 14 years. (Williams is an Artist who has chosen Helper as his home.)
Sun Advocate--- May 2007-- Harry & Nola Thompson Vogrinec, longtime residents of Carbon County, will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary with their family. Married May 27, 1942 in Price.

1935---- In 1935, The Price Trading Company, was contracted to take over the U.S. Fuel Company's Stores at Mohrland and Hiawatha. The Mohrland Mine and town was shut down in 1938, but the Hiawatha store operation continued for many years.

SmeltingCo---Feb 1952-- Bernie Christensen, son of Mr. & Mrs. B.E. Christensen, stopped in Salt Lake over the weekend of Feb. 18th on a Navy training flight from San Diego, California. The crew arrived at Salt Lake airport Saturday Afternoon and left for San Diego Sunday afternoon. Bernie is taking training for aviation electronics.

SmeltingCo---April 1950---Mike Orphanakis, King Koaler's star hurler, will be missed greatly by the team this year. Mike suffered a broken leg in an accident at the tipple during March which will keep him out of the game most of this season.
Sun Advocate---May 2002---Orin Hatch did have Utah ties, somewhat like Mitt Romney, Orin had ties to Carbon County. His parents had met in Hiawatha when they were young and were later married in the midwest.

SmeltingCo---SmeltingCo welcomes Miss Lois Larsen, who was employed as clerk-typist in the King Mine Office November 20th. :ois is a graduate of Carbon High and Carbon College.